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  • Signal Festival 10.-13.10.2019

    Theme of the festival - Revolution

    Reviewing the past. Reforming cowardly consensus. Revolting against ordinariness and fearful timidity. On the beginning of the 30th anniversary of Czech Velvet Revolution, we are drawing a balance. We commemorate this essential societal and cultural event that occurred in our country. Some lived in it; some others were growing up in the time immediately after the revolution. Signal Festival 2019 turns back to the past, making fall of the Berliner Wall, Velvet Revolution and end of the Iron Curtain a subject of discussion. But we are also looking ahead, into the future. Seeking answers to the questions, whether we are prepared for another revolution at all, now and here. We are seeing protests, uprisings, riots. Are we able to change our attitudes, overcome our laziness, stop avoiding the risks just to be on the safe side, leave our cozy home with high-speed internet and go into the battle for a better world again? We are on the threshold of the fourth industrial revolution. Every minute, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, biotechnology, autonomous mobility and 3D printing transform the world around us. However, revolution is also perceived as a change in the broad sense of the word. Improvement, transformation, in general terms or just personal. Change of the society or revolution of scientific discoveries and methods. Restructuring values and redesigning the environment that can and needs to be changed. Visual art is changing as well. Creative and cultural industries are establishing themselves, visual and digital arts are being transformed to AI and the principles using augmented reality. Conceptual kinetic arts have been synergically inter-connected with the most advanced technologies. From its very beginning, the Signal Festival has experienced a revolution. From videomapping show and light design, it has grown to become a well-respected digital art festival and art/tech event which currently belongs to the most significant ones in the Czech Republic. New venues. New locations. New procedures. New co-operation. New options. Change is a creative method of the Festival. Evolution, revolution, a quest to discover new horizons and new options, solutions, challenges. The revolution is not only here and now. The revolution goes on forever.

  • Made in Czechoslovakia - the industry that ruled the world 14.3.2019 - 29.9.2019

    National Technicala Museum (Národní technické muzeum), Kostelní 42, Praha 7 - Holešovice, 170 00

    Selected exhibits bring to life the stories of notable Czechoslovak firms and leading figures of Czechoslovak art and industry, of fascinating phenomena and distinctive products that became household names in Czechoslovakia and abroad. The exhibitions present the technical and industrial progress of Czechoslovakia as such, from its inception in 1918 until 1992, when the country split up.

    Except of the bellow mentioned exhibitions, this exhibition cycle also includes following events:

    Favorit - A Phenomenon, 25.4. 2018 – 30.9. 2018, dedicated to the history of this popular bicycle brand, featuring common as well as rare exhibits.

    Prague Sample Fairs (Trade/International Industry Fairs), 19. 10 2018 – 30. 6. 2019, presenting selected contemporary Czech brands and companies.

  • Sculpture Line 6.6.-30.9.2019

    The 6th edition of the sculptural festival brings sculptures and other fine art works from leading domestic and foreign artists into the streets of Prague, Pilsen, Pardubice, Olomouc, Luxembourg or Büdelsdorf . 

    The main idea of the festival is to present contemporary art to the public of all ages and across all social and educational classes while also helping to make the public space more social.

  • Praguemarket 25.5.-17.11.2019


    Náměstí Republiky, Praha 1 - Staré Město / Nové Město, 110 00

    25. 5. 2019 – 26. 5. 2019

    8. 6. 2019 – 8. 6. 2019

    29. 6. 2019 – 30. 6. 2019

    13. 7. 2019 – 14. 7. 2019

    27. 7. 2019 – 28. 7. 2019

    10. 8. 2019 – 11. 8. 2019

    24. 8. 2019 – 25. 8. 2019

    14. 9. 2019 – 15. 9. 2019

    28. 9. 2019 – 29. 9. 2019

    12. 10. 2019 – 13. 10. 2019

    19. 10. 2019 – 20. 10. 2019

    9. 11. 2019 – 10. 11. 2019

    16. 11. 2019 – 17. 11. 2019

    This selling exhibition of Czech fashion, design, accessories will be held at the Republic Square - direction to the Celnice street

  • The Chamber - escape game

    Come play and become a part of a gripping detective story, family adventure, thriller or horror movie. Experience the thrill of solving complex puzzles and finding secret objects and spaces hidden in mysterious rooms. Forget the world around and enjoy being the leading element of our stories, which are waiting for you to get to their exciting ends. Warm your brains up, prepare your common sense, cooperate and prove that you got what it takes to beat our games!

    We are “Escape game” although it is not only about escaping somewhere. It is about stories and having exciting goals and missions. Our every game is thoroughly and professionally designed complex of clever riddles, problems and mysteries, all of them being part of an attractive story.

    For 60 minutes, you are no longer what you are in a real world. Now you are secret agent, knight, detective or soldier and it is up to you how you deal with the new reality. Your goal may be revealing some thrilling secret, stealing a precious diamond, saving the world or simply saving your own life.

    Come to experience the all new adventure, come to The Chamber.

    More information you can find here :

  • Petřín tower - Eiffel tower´s younger sister

    Petrin Tower (378 m.n.m.) rises above Prague's old center. Probably because it is also one of the most popular places for tourists and Prague's inhabitants. Surrounding Towers is an ideal place for walks or picnics.

    For more informations click on link :